Grants Awarded

We continue to be inspired and enthused by the creativity and breadth of the community initiatives and projects we fund through our grants programmes each year. The projects are enriching lives for local people both today and in the future.


Here is a summary of recent awards made from a selction of our programmes:

General Grants Programme (Small Grants)


Northamptonshire County Council Small Grants (Community Grants)


Northamptonshire County Council Youth Fund (Community Grants)


First for Wellbeing


Margaret Giffin Memorial Trust (Community Grants)


Cecil Pettit Fund (Community Grants)


Comic Relief (Community Grants)


Community First (Community Grants)


The Compton Fund for Arts, Culture and Heritage


Northamptonshire County Council Strategic Arts Awards


Northamptonshire County Council SEED Funding

Northamptonshire Borough Council Grants

High Sheriff's Fund Initiative

Northamptonshire 100 Fund


AES Wind Farm Fund for Yelvertoft, Crick, Lilbourne and Clay Coton


Burton Wold Community Wind Farm Fund


Queen's Institute Fund


KHL Big Local Community Chest Fund


New Albion Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund



"I cannot tell you how much this money means to our small project.  Thank you for all of your help whilst completing the forms and ensuring that our very small organisation managed to jump through the right hoops."

-Sheila Ingram, Ecton Book Fund 2013