Welcome to the Foundation’s first ever Impact Review. We are delighted to share with you insights and highlights into the value and demonstrated difference that donations and grants are making to our county and local communities within.


Since 2011 Northamptonshire Community Foundation has been directly involved in developing and piloting an impact assessment tool on behalf of UKCF, the national network of Community Foundations. The results of 3 years development work is a framework for providing compelling evidence of the impact of donor investment in community grant making. From taking a ‘bottom up’ approach we have also been able to create an impact tool that better enables small and grassroots community groups and charities to build their monitoring and evaluation skills.


We are now able to provide impact case studies across individual awards and donor programmes. The themes, outcomes and indicators of the framework enable the staff team to capture the kind of change that groups are achieving and make us better able to track transformation and communicate this to current and potential donors and the wider community.


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Thu 23 Feb 2017

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