Fredericks Northamptonshire


Fredericks Foundation Northamptonshire lends money to businesses and start ups that can't access finance by any other means.  Northamptonshire Community Foundation have partnered with Fredericks Foundation to further our efforts to reach the needs and help develop the potential of local people and our communities.

Fredericks Foundation is a registered charity and has been lending money in this way since 2001. The lending is overseen by Northamptonshire business people who realise what other businesses need to succeed in today's crowded marketplace.

The businesses offered support can be at any stage of development, whether they need start-up finance or capital to expand, every case is considered individually. Applicants need to be able to show they have made a genuine application to a banker or lender that has been turned down.  A bad credit score or previous financial issues will not necessarily count against applicants if their business case is sound.


To find out more contact Richard Lindley on 01604 866447.