November 2015


Umbrella Cycle Recycle - £10,000

The group recycle used bicycles and re-sell them to the public. This also creates associated learning and volunteering opportunities.



October 2015


Desborough Cornerstone Café - £10,000

The funds will be used to convert an outside garage area into a multi-purpose meeting room.


Cando Care Co-Operative - £10,000

The care organisation will hire a new worker, allowing them to work with a higher number of vulnerable elderly people.



August 2015

Corby Furniture Turnaround Project - £6,000
The grant will allow the organisation to continue to provide furniture to those who do not have any at a low cost. The grant will bridge the one year period required for the group to be self-funding going forward.



April 2015

Relate Northamptonshire - £10,000
The organisation will develop mental health services, providing a social model of recovery. Sale of this model will support the business' running costs.


The Good Loaf - £4,422
The new organisation will work with female ex-offenders, providing a bakery service that delivers to other local organisations. The grant will be used to purchase a van that will in turn allow the project to take place.


March 2015

Phoenix Resource Centre - £10,000
The grant will be used to cover a part-time employee’s salary. This will allow the organisation to expand and continue their valued services as well as work toward sustainability through the sale of bailed card.


Late Developers - £9,720

The group will deliver a photographic project for vulnerable adults including those with alcohol and substance misuse problems as well as mental health issues, working toward producing books that show the participants' life experience. Selling the books will allow the organisation to become sustainable.



January 2015

Northamptonshire Community Housing Network - £10,000
The group will set up a new service which will support disabled adults in setting up their own business and becoming self-employed. The project will be self-sustaining after the initial period thanks to clients’ personal budgets.


October 2014

Action Support Ltd - £10,000 from NCC SEED Fund
The group will continue offering work placements for those with a disability.

Northampton Samaritans - £9,930 from NCC SEED Fund

The Samaritans will deliver a partnership service with GPs helping those with mental health issues access talking therapy when they need it.


September 2014

The Healthy Eating Project - £10,000 from NCC SEED
The group will run 40 healthy eating workshops on Wednesdays over a period of one year, for 80 beneficiaries.


August 2014

Daventry Volunteer Centre - £10,000.00 from NCC SEED
The organisation will provide a mutual help scheme that involves the sharing and exchanging of volunteer skills, allowing participants to share and receive ironing, home-help, cleaning, general maintenance and lots more.

New Ark Foundation - £10,000.00 from NCC SEED
The grant will cover the manager’s salary, allowing the group to work toward sustainability going forward.

Tools for Self Reliance - £9,995.04 from NCC SEED
The grant will allow the group to produce an updated version of their fundraising video as well as renovate toilets, ensuring they are suitable for their disabled participants.

Walgrave Wellbeing Centre Community Interest Company - £4,285 from NCC SEED
The grant will cover staff salaries in the initial stages of this project which hopes to engage and encourage the local community.

Giggles Play CIC - £5,000 from NCC SEED
The funds will be used to purchase soft-play equipment for children with special needs, as traditional mainstream play is not suitable for special needs children. The club will create a vital support network for parents, allowing them to interact with those who share their situation. This creates a huge benefit to parents' health and wellbeing.

Pink Rooster - £10,000 from NCC SEED
The group will set up a county wide project, working with care home residents suffering from dementia. Through the use of music from their past, they will encourage the elderly people to remember fond memories. This will improve their state of mind and make them feel calmer.