NBC Small Grants

July 2016


Care and Repair (Northampton) - £3,000
The grant will be used to fund and deliver a Home Safety and Support Service to vulnerable residents in Northampton.

Free 2 Talk CIC - £2,881

The grant will be used to enable young people in Northampton East to take part in activities over a 6 week period to produce visual art to be displayed in the local community.

Northants Powerchair Football Club - £2,440
The grant will be used to maintain the club’s sport chairs, pay for venue cost and to purchase new kit.

December 2015 

Abington Avenue Child Contact Centre - £3,000.00
The grant will contribute to the salary cost of their Co-Coordinator and enable the group to continue to provide a free support service to children of separated families allowing them to spend time with a parent who no longer lives with them.

Association of Northamptonshire Supplementary Schools - £1,875.50
To organise a concert for member schools to showcase what children and young people have learned and experienced during their lessons.

Northampton door to door service- £1456
The grant will be used to upgrade four of the service’s computers.


Reelscape Community – £2,960.00
To produce a short film to discuss the theme of Holocaust Memorial Day .


September 2015


Dancemind - £2,400
To run a programme of healthy dance based activity for those with dementia.

Pearls of Peace - £3,000
The grant will support an office space in St James, allowing them to continue offering vital services to women of all faiths and backgrounds in the community.

Northampton Bangladeshi Association - £2,999.36
The organisation will continue to run a weekly health and wellbeing group.


Eve - £2.908
The organisation's Restored programme will offer women two mornings a week where they can increase their confidence and self-esteem.

DisabledGO - £3,000
The grant will fund the production of an access guide for all disabled individuals in the town, which will be available online.



June 2015


C2C Social Action - £3,000
The group will open a youth café in the Mounts, Northampton. Children of years 6 through 9 will benefit from this project.

Multicultural Festival Northamptonshire - £3,000
The group will organise and deliver a multicultural festival in Northampton town centre. The event has proven very popular in past years.

Re:Store Northampton - £3,000
The organisation will purchase kitchen equipment, allowing them to prepare hot nutritious meals for clients of the Northampton Food Bank. They will also offer courses in increasing cookery and hygiene skills.


January 2015

Association of Northamptonshire Supplementary Schools - £2,176.61
The Association will run a showcase event, bringing together children from across all supplementary schools and encouraging recognition, celebration of achievements and integration.

Leicester Street Community Centre Crafty Gang - £2,000
The grant will allow the elderly people’s club to continue providing healthy hot meals at their lunch club.

Northampton Rowing Club - £3,000
The grant will engage ladies from the age of 14 and up with the sport of rowing. This will teach them valuable skills that will continue to benefit them in normal life for years to come.

Zindgani - £2,870

The grant will allow the group to continue its activities for Asian elders. The men really enjoy participating in sports, games and the fitness programme provided.

Chinese School - £3,000
The group will run a celebratory event in Northampton town centre to mark the Chinese New Year.



November 2014

Action Support Ltd - £3,000
To continue the popular Train4Work scheme, working with disabled individuals.

Film Lab - £2,498
The group will develop local writers whose films can be produced for screening at the film nights.

Free 2 Talk CIC - £2,974

The group will deliver 12 weeks of youth work with young people aged 12 – 19.

Northampton Bangladeshi Association - £2,998.36
The Association will provide health and wellbeing activities for women over 50.

Reelscape Community - £3,000
The group will make 2 short films with Abbeyfield School.

Tools for Self Reliance - £3,000
The funds will help continue the renovation work for vulnerable adults through covering core costs and sign writing a van to assist in fund raising.

March 2014

Multicultural Festival Northamptonshire - £3,000
The group will organise and deliver a multi-cultural festival that will take place on Northampton’s Market Square.

Abington Avenue Child Contact Centre - £3,000
To cover the cost of a part time administrator, this will allow the Contact Centre to continue allowing children who would otherwise only have one parent in their lives to have contact with mother and father in a controlled and safe environment.

The Brookside Hall - £1,500
The Brookside Hall will deliver a twelve week course for local residents, developing active listening skills and confidence, ultimately boosting their opportunities in the job market.

The Friends of Northampton Castle - £1,500
The group will develop an interactive 3D model of Northampton’s Castle, allowing residents to experience for themselves the highs and lows of walking through Northampton Castle’s historical environment, as it was many years ago.

Friends of Northampton General Hospital - £3,000
The grant will be used to purchase equipment to support patients with a buggy service at the Hospital. This will allow the differently mobile to reach appointments easily and quickly, without an extremely long walk from one side of the site to the other.

Northamptonshire Flower - £3,000
The group will use the money to assist them in setting up to tackle FGM (female genital mutilation) a barbaric form of child abuse that is practised heavily in Northampton. While illegal, there have never been any prosecutions in this country. The group aims to work with communities to ensure they understand this is abuse and not a cultural practise.

Looking Glass Theatre - £3,000
The group will provide equipment and resources to continue youth theatre activities for young people.

ENRYCH - £1,000
The grant will be used to provide an educational mentoring scheme, matching young people with mentors to help them improve their life chances.

Northamptonshire Carers - £3,000
To purchase 10 gym memberships for use by carers, aiming to keep them healthy physically and mentally.

Ekins Allotment Association - £2,000
The grant will be used to upgrade facilities on site, ensuring a higher level of security for plot-holders following a spate of recent vegetable thefts.

January 2014

Kings Heath Just Good Friends - £2,000
The group will continue providing a weekly social group in Kings Heath. Kings Heath is a deprived and dangerous area – several group members are too scared to leave their house normally, meaning the group is the only time they interact with their peers.

Northampton Door-to-Door service - £1,498.25
The group will purchase and install new control software, meaning emergency same day journeys for their disabled and infirm client base will now be possible.

Northampton Musical Theatre Company - £2,000
The group will hire an orchestra for their summer extravaganza, ‘Blitz.’

December 2013

Royal and Derngate Theatre - £2,000
To develop a youth theatre group for young people with learning disabilities.

September 2013

Film Lab - £1,250
To continue monthly screenings of locally produced films at the Picturedrome in Northampton.

Friends of St. Peters Church Marefair - £750
The group will offer art workshops to local schools, adults and senior citizens, increasing community cohesion and creativity.

May 2013

Doddridge Centre - £2,000
To provide ICT sessions for disadvantaged individuals from the local community. ICT skills are vital, with even benefit applications having moved to an online system.

The PBC Foundation - £1,120.37

To provide workshops for those suffering from primary biliary cirrhosis, an auto-immune liver disease, that mimics the effects of liver damage due to excessive alcoholism, meaning sufferers are often branded as alcoholics and do not get the care and support they deserve.


April 2013

Northampton Leisure Trust - £2,000
To deliver 8 programmes of physical activity aimed at adults who would otherwise be sedentary.

Performance Lab - £1,600
To tour local secondary schools teaching the students about the arts and performing extracts of classical plays and literature.

A-Life Faith Chapel - £640
To purchase equipment and NAYC affiliation for this newly established supplementary school.



For grants awarded more than one year ago, please see our Yearbooks section.