High Sheriff's Initiative Fund

July 2016


Thorplands Club 81 Football Club - £3,060
The grant will be used to cover costs incurred by taking asylum seekers into club membership and to continue existing work including purchase of kits and equipment. 

The Good Loaf CIC/C2C Social Action - £2998

The grant will be used to employ a peer support worker to support vulnerable women in Northampton.

Kings Heath Boxing Club - £ 2,885
The grant will be used to provide ‘BoxFit’ sessions for children of secondary school age which is affordable and easily accessible.


July 2015


Green Acres Rural Enterprises CIC - £2,930
The grant will be used to run a young people led home grown food box scheme with the produce grown by young people in the gardens, greenhouse and polytunnel  at Green Acres. This project will support young people who are at risk of permanent exclusion from school and will provide them with valuable business skills.

Vision Youth Café - £2997
The grant will be used to deliver a previously successful ‘Soundbox’ project, where 12 young people will be recruited to deliver consultation with local young people to create a local youth forum leading on themed events and activities for their peers.  The youth club serves the area of Towcester and surrounding villages.

Hope Project - £2890

The grant will be used to fund a new programme of youth activity on the Hemmingwell estate for young people between the ages of 7 to 14 years of age especially individuals who have been bullied. This is preventative work to reduce the risk of young people getting involved in gang and drug related crime. The programme will include activities at the community and skills centre and Rock UK in Finedon.

July 2014

Autism Concern - £1,899.45
The group will purchase soft-play equipment which will be available for use by special needs children, who often find it difficult or upsetting to attend mainstream play centres due to other children staring or playing roughly. This award will allow children with special needs to enjoy soft-play.

Solve It - £3,000
The grant will be used to raise awareness among children and teenagers of the dangers of ‘legal-highs’ which have caused an extremely large number of deaths and despite their legal status are many times more dangerous than traditional illegal substances. The group also works toward eradicating the use of all psychoactive substances.

January 2014

ECL Angling Club - £2,010
ECL will purchase fishing equipment to help them expand their club. They will also offer leadership training to excluded or at-risk young people, helping them to develop skills they can transfer to the workplace or their lives. The group has seen many young people turn their lives around thanks to the focus, concentration and patience that fishing allows them to develop.


December 2014
Zimwomen Association Northamptonshire - £2,250
The grant will be used to provide young people with African drumming and dancing lessons.


October 2013

Zimwomen - £2,493
The grant will allow the group to work with excluded young people, teaching them cooking skills. The young people have expressed interest in this course and previous participants have achieved gainful employment as a chef following the course.


April 2013

Spring Boroughs Resident’s Association - £1,500
To hold a fun day that will bring together residents on all ages with a focus on the needs of the younger people.

Northampton Bangladeshi Association - £2,496.07
To provide additional session workers and volunteers as well as purchase a new pool and football table.

iDID Adventure - £1,500
To provide training equipment, marketing and unique communication system for primary activity rock climbing.


October 2012

Gateway Vocational Learning Centre - £2,500
To support at-risk students with education so they can work toward a positive future.

Daventry District Housing Youth Board - £2.500
To run an intergenerational project that will engage the old and the young.



For grants awarded more than one year ago, please see our Yearbooks section.