NCC Youth Fund


Grants up to £3,000 are recorded in Small Grants.


November 2015


Performing Room - £9,992

Provide musical activity for young people.


Free 2 Talk CIC - £8,553.25

The group will run an intergenerational project within the deprived estate of Bellinge.


Kettering Cycling Club - £9,990

The club will provide cycling provision to local young people, including preparation for and participation in races.



October 2015


Rotary Club of the Nene Valley - £9,981

Provide learning sessions at the Saints Study Centre.



September 2015

Corby Olympic Amateur Boxing Club - £9,981
The grant will support the popular boxing club for one year.

Crick Colts Football Club - £7,500
To construct two new football pitches for young people from both Crick and other local villages.

Spitfire Club - £9,852
To fund 280 sessions of activities for excluded young people.

Northampton Bangladeshi Association - £5,318.24
To continue two youth groups. The grant will cover staffing and volunteer costs.


August 2015

iDid Adventure - £5,011
The fund will contribute to the development of a new climbing facility in Corby.


June 2015

Goldings Youth Project - £3,102
The youth club will pay for workers which will allow them to expand their service.

Springs Family Centre - £9,190
The grant will allow the Centre to continue engaging with 150 beneficiaries per week in a variety of ways.

Kettering Air Cadets - £7,000
The cadets will purchase a range of equipment, allowing them to expand.


March 2015


Martial Arts School - £8,105.24
The club will develop weekly martial arts sessions for both men and women, which will improve confidence and fitness.


February 2015

The Phoenix Youth Centre - £9,450
To provide an inclusive and supportive environment for young people to engage with each other and trained staff.



January 2015

Northamptonshire Development Society - £4,000
The group will work with young men from the Somali community, as well as others, providing community football sessions. This will keep young men off the street and away from crime and the temptation to commit crime.


November 2014

St James and Dallington Youth Club - £10,000
The popular youth club, based in an extremely deprived area of town, will deliver an inter-faith cultural graffiti project. This will encourage understanding between different groups of young people and therefore reduce anti-social behaviour.

WACA - £6,085.22
The group will provide youth activities for young people and children aged between nine and 13. The group’s activities always see a strong attendance, keeping young people off the streets.

October 2014

All Youth Project - £9,994.03
The grant will allow the group to continue a weekly Kings Heath based youth club.

Free 2 Talk CIC - £9,100
The project will deliver arts based youth mentoring work.

The Constant Thread - £9,145
The group will carry out a heritage project in memory of Constance Howard.

Youth Works CIC - £6,823.88
The organisation will offer a youth club based in Oakley Vale Community Centre.

Aimhigher - £9,625
The group will work with NEETS, building their employability.

August 2014

Phoenix Youth Centre - £4,755
The grant will replace the Centre’s Judo Club’s mats, which have become old and worn.

Northamptonshire Rape and Incest Crisis Centre - £9,999
The grant will support a programme that will encourage young people from deprived backgrounds to integrate with their community.

Performing Room - £9,992
The group will deliver an after-school and holiday club that combines music and group based youth work.

Rotary Club of the Nene Valley - £9,811
The organisation are working with the Saints Study Centre to deliver a holiday learning club and complimentary match day experiences.

Inspiring Neighbourhoods CIC - £7,995

The group will run workshops that aim to give young people an authentic experience of developing a product or activity and bringing it to market.

June 2014

Liberty Drum Corps - £10,000
The funding will be used to purchase a number of new drums as the old drums have become worn and broken, necessitating replacement.

April 2014

Kettering Air Cadets - £8,000
The award will be used to purchase a minibus. This will save over £100 rental cost each time the Cadets use the bus. It will also allow them to attend a larger number of events, including a wider range of activities.

Northampton Bangladeshi Association - £4,045.40
The group will hire youth workers, in order to improve their youth provision for disadvantaged youngsters.

Notivate Trust - £9,950
The grant will fund a twelve month programme, consisting of song writing and music video creation workshops with 80 young people. This will aid them in developing new skills, talents and improving employment opportunities.

Papworth Trust - £9,745.70
The group, who work with disabled clients, will offer visits to places such as Stanwick lakes, providing a number of inclusive activities while there. The disabled young people will also experience horse-riding and canoeing.

Woodford Halse Youth Club - £3,546
The Woodford Halse based youth club will purchase bean bags, a games console, tv, kitchen equipment and board games. The club helps keep the young attendees off the streets and away from participating in upsetting anti-social behaviour.

Premier Stars - £9,999
The group will use the funding to employ three apprentices for twelve months. This will allow them to gain work experience and earn over 40% of the national minimum wage whilst doing so. This experience will allow them to gain future employment where they can use the skills gained during the year.

February 2014

C2C Charitable Trust - £9,965
To support children and young people who are known to police and at risk of offending. Mentoring will be provided to assist the young people in turning their lives around.

Catalyst Creates CIC - £9,999
The group will work with children with additional needs to create a new interactive performance for special and mainstream schools in Northamptonshire.