High Sheriff's Initiative Fund



Please note that this fund has been fully allocated for 2016. New closing dates will be announced in 2017. We recommend that you apply to the General Grants Programme on the menu of listed programmes.



The High Sheriff’s Initiative encourages the development of projects which brings people of all age ranges closer to their communities to create a more cohesive society. It seeks to help communities within Northamptonshire realise their potential, creating stronger and safer communities.



Grants from the Northamptonshire High Sheriff’s Initiative focus on the following areas:

•Projects targeting 5 – 19 year olds

 Projects targeting adults at risk of offending or anti social behaviour

•New initiatives from existing groups and new groups/projects

•Small grassroots level community organisations

•Work which reaches out to and involves excluded young people in their community

•Projects that improve the safety of your community



Is my group eligible?

Revenue and Capital Funding is eligible

• Your group must be a small, locally managed, voluntary, community or self-help group.

• We wish to fund small projects – we will offer grants of up to £2,500. Your total budget for the project you are applying for cannot be more than £20,000

• You must have people volunteering to help with your activity, who are not part of your management committee

• You must have a set of written rules or constitution that your group adheres to. We can help advise you on how to do this especially if you are a new group

• You must take care to ensure that young people or vulnerable people taking part in your activity do not come to any harm whilst in your care. To this end, you must have written procedures for keeping young people and/or vulnerable people safe otherwise known as a Child Protection or Vulnerable people’s policy. This will be needed as a condition of funding. If you do not have such a policy, visit our Training & Resources section


To apply please use the High Sheriff's Initiative online application

Please wait for at least 15 minutes & check your junk mail for the email containing the link

This fund is for any type of youth activity and can award amounts up to £2,500. The next closing dates for applications will be announced in early 2017. Please see guidelines and grant deadlines for more information.


Following on from your written application you may be invited to do a face to face presentation of your project proposal. The meeting will involve donors of the panel and Foundation staff.

You presentation format will be a 10 minutes talk followed by 5 minutes of questions and answers afterwards. This provides an opportunity to provide further information on your project and group and clarify any points about your proposal. For guidance on preparing please go here