General Grants Programme



Our funding comes in all shapes and sizes from a range of donors - grants are awarded to help the young or the old, those in our towns or those isolated in villages, those with disabilities, projects develop peoples' cultural and creative lives, their knowledge of local history, promote healthy living and support the environment, even those increasing peoples' fitness through sports clubs or just helping a group socialise and relax by taking part in recreational activities.  


Our general grants programme awards funding once a month and intends to benefit the whole community and fund a wide range of projects including:

  • Community events and activities
  • Small scale training, rental and staffing costs
  • Small and large pieces of equipment
  • Support groups, residents associations, sports and arts clubs
  • A whole lot more!

 Is my group eligible?

  • Your project can be a new activity, start up costs for a new group or service or building on the good work you already do
  • Revenue and Capital Funding is eligible
  • Your group must be a small, locally managed, voluntary, community or self-help group
  • Your total budget for the project you are applying for cannot be more than £20,000
  • You must have people volunteering to help with your activity, who are not part of your management committee
  • You must have a set of written rules or a constitution that your group adheres to. We can help advise you on how to do this especially if you are a new group
  • You must take care to ensure that young people or vulnerable people taking part in your activity do not come to any harm whilst in your care. To this end, you must have written procedures for keeping young people and/or vulnerable people safe otherwise known as a Child Protection or Vulnerable people’s policy. This will be needed as a condition of funding. If you do not have such a policy, visit our Training & Resources section to download an example

    To apply please use the General grants application form.
  • Please wait for at least 15 minutes & check your junk mail for the email containing the link

    This form is for grant awards of up to £3,000. Please see guidelines and grant deadlines for more information. If you have lost your reference form, you can download it here.