Leave a lasting legacy


Legacies continue to be one of the most important aspects of UK charity fundraising and because Community Foundations are about endowment building, longevity and making a difference in perpetuity, leaving a legacy to us will ensure your gift makes a lasting difference for future communities across Northamptonshire

If you have a specific interest or purpose in mind, we encourage you to discuss this with us to help  ensure we meet your wishes.

Legacies of all sizes make a difference, no matter how big or small they help us forward plan our future grant-making and make a lasting difference to locallives and communities.


One of our trustees explains why he and his wife chose to leave a legacy with us:

"We wanted to ensure that upon our deaths, a contribution form our estates would helplocal people who are most in need. For that reason we decided to leave a legacy to the Foundation, to contribute to the needs of people living in poverty, social isolation, who suffer from disabilities or those experiencing life's lit tle problems, as a way of thanking the county for what we have personally achieved whilst living here."
Alan Maskell, NCF Trustee.

Should you have any questions or you require further details about leaving a legacy, we would be very pleased to contact you personally to discuss the difference your help will make.  Victoria Miles, Victoria@ncf.uk.com or 01604 230033.