Vision and values

Giving back to Northamptonshire


Northamptonshire Community Foundation is a local, independent grant making organisation, which provides a professional philanthropic service to its donors.


The Foundation's vision is to create a culture of giving that strengthens and supports the local community. 


Through an understanding of local needs, the Foundation uses funds to make grants that support a variety of projects and activities, securing the future for generations to come.


Our strategy for 2016-19 is based on the following theory of change:


If we grow our endowment and increase our revenue, make best use of our local funding knowledge and expertise of the communities we serve, provide a voice for those we fund, enrich the giving experience for philanthropists, whilst being cost effective with all of our resources, then we will better serve our county's communities now and for generations to come. 


Activities and Themes


The Foundation's key activities fall into the following categories:

  • Philanthropy and donor development
  • Grant making
  • Governance
  • Partnerships with other organisations

The Foundation's themes are:

  • Supporting people to overcome disadvantage
  • Creating stronger communities
  • Improving the areas where people live, work and play

Our overall funding purpose

  • Providing services and activities that work for local people
  • Creating stronger organisations
  • Helping people tackle emerging issues and needs